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Grask Uldeth

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Grask Uldeth
Grask Uldeth, chief of the Empty Hand.
Aliases Lord of Urgir
Titles Great Chieftan
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Orc
Class Barbarian 17
Gender Male
Homeland Urgir, Hold of Belkzen
Organization Empty Hand tribe, Closed First
Died 4716 AR
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Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 20–21

Until his assassination in 4716 AR, Grask Uldeth was the mighty orc chieftain of the Empty Hand tribe of the Hold of Belkzen, and the greatest leader of the orcs since the near-mythical warlord Belkzen who first united his people during the Age of Darkness. Through his tribe, Uldeth controlled the ancient dwarven Sky Citadel of Urgir,[1][2] and instituted changes to orc society that sought to increase its standing among the other powers in the region.[3]


Uldeth and his Empty Hand tribe seized control of Urgir in 4692 AR and spent several years consolidating power and vanquishing their nearest rivals. In 4702 AR, Uldeth began to introduce fundamental innovations in the city designed to attract non-orc merchants and maintain a semblance of what in other cultures is considered the rule of law. He did this because he had come to realize that the traditional orc custom of raiding the neighboring nations of Avistan produced less wealth than trading with them might. This progressive thinking was dismissed at first by most orcs, but with time, the wealth generated by these trades began to change some minds.[4][5][6]

In 4716 AR, Grask Uldeth was slain by a mysterious assassin. His chief advisor and majordomo Ardax the White-Hair, a rare orc to live to middle-age, succeeded him as overlord of Urgir, but continued the reforms Uldeth had first introduced.[7][8][9]


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