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Carbauxine is a colorless and odorless gas that is a byproduct of heavy carbon deposits and can be found in small pockets throughout the Darklands, particularly in Sekamina and Orv. It also can appear naturally on the surface in areas with strong volcanic activity.12 It is heavier than air and highly flammable, and will violently combust if exposed to an open flame. The dwarves long-ago learned how to harvest carbauxine gas safely, using it to create exceedingly hot flames that can be used for smelting mithral or even skymetals.2

Known locations of carbauxine


The best-known natural deposit of carbauxine gas is actually just below the surface of the Varisian city of Riddleport. There, the dwarves of the Gas Forges harvest the gas, and use it for their smelting and forging. The deposit was discovered in the late 45th century AR and dwarves from nearby Janderhoff quickly moved in to capitalize on it.3


Near the town of Dalaston in Taldor's southern World's Edge Mountains lies a volcano known as Blackpeak. Although it has not erupted in centuries, vents of carbauxine gas can occasionally be found nearby, burning above ground.1