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Traits Beast
Level 12
Adjective Cauthooj

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 55

Cauthoojs, also referred to as shrill shrikes or puppet master birds, are solitary, flightless predatory birds with hypnotic songs that drive their prey to kill each other or themselves.[1]


A cauthooj resembles a long-necked flightless bird with a long beak and long, thin legs.[1]


A cauthooj's awkward appearance masks its agility and cleverness. However, its greatest threat is its warbling, hypnotic song, which confuses those who hear it into fits of indiscriminate violence, even against themselves. The cauthooj then feasts on any such creatures who succumbed to the confusion. The horrific sound leads cauthooj hunters to stuff their ears with wax in order to survive its song.[1]

Cauthoojs can understand limited Sylvan; they cannot speak it, but will mimic words they hear to unnaturally disturbing ends that they alone enjoy.[1]


Cauthoojs covet shiny baubles in a manner similar to magpies, and store their treasures in lairs nestled in caves. They do not particularly value wealth and are often just as happy to stash away colorful strings, broken glass, and cheap jewelry.[1]

A cauthooj typically claims a large open expanse as its territory and will travel miles from its lair to hunt for food.[1]


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