Celedo of House Morilla

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Scion Lord Celedo Morilla
Titles Scion Lord, Guildmaster of Mysteries, Trademaster
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Gender Male
Homeland Taldor / Absalom
Organization Guild of Wonders, House Morilla

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 7, 45

Scion Lord Celedo Morilla is Scion of House Morilla and guildmaster to the Guild of Wonders though he leaves the daily tasks to his two oldest nephews, Juartos and Donavar (Morilla), and his only niece, Annasendra Varabelle.


Celedo is also the cousin of Lady Gloriana Morilla[1] who is the leader of the Taldor faction of the Pathfinder Society[2] and founder of the Sovereign Court.[3]