Gloriana Morilla

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Gloriana Morilla
Lady Gloriana Morilla.

Source: Pathfinder Society Field Guide, pg(s). 23

Lady Gloriana Morilla is a member of Taldor's thriving noble hierarchy, but she is somewhat less concerned with looking glamorous and throwing a good party than she is with restoring Taldor to its long-lost glory. She knows that the longer the nation rests on its imaginary laurels, the more its influence and gods-decreed dominance slip away from the Grand Prince and the country's loyal subjects. Lady Gloriana succeeded Baron Jacquo Dalsine as the head of the Taldan faction of the Pathfinder Society in 4711 AR.1

Initially she had hoped to use the vast reach of the Pathfinder Society to further the glory of Taldor. Her worldview expanded when she was exposed to cultures and nobles outside of Taldor. Deciding to expand her focus, she now puts much of her effort in improving the aristocracy across Golarion by forming an international secret society of nobles that work together to promote peace and prosperity for citizens worldwide.2

Army of Exploration

With the help of the Andoren Senator Augustyn Naran's agreement that his country would support her, Morilla formed an Army of Exploration to bolster the Pathfinder Society's war against Deskari's demonic forces in the Worldwound.3

Sovereign Court

In 4714 AR, Lady Gloriana abandoned her faltering plans to revive Taldor through increased participation in the Pathfinder Society and, instead, formed an independent organization for young nobles across Avistan, calling it the Sovereign Court.4

Taldan Civil War

Ever a patriot, Lady Gloriana threw her support behind Princess Eutropia Stavian in her bid to modernise Taldor and bring much needed social reforms to the nation.5


Lady Gloriana is the cousin of Lord Celedo Morilla, Scion of House Morilla and guildmaster to the Guild of Wonders.6


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