Guild of Wonders

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Guild of Wonders

Assassin, Spy, Saboteur
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 44-45

The Guild of Wonders has operated for centuries in Absalom, accepted by the Grand Council of Absalom due to its strict code prohibiting guild activity in Absalom territory (without the council's permission), the guild is reviled by all Inner Sea region nations.1

The Guild is currently housed in a simple wood and plaster building in the city's mostly residential Westgate region which bears no sign of its purpose.

Ultimate control of the Guild of Wonders is in the hands of Guildmaster of Mysteries, Celedo of House Morilla, but the day to day work is handled by Celedo's nephews and niece.

While all three provide weapons, poison, and combat training, Juartos Morilla handles contract negotiations and finance, Donavar Morilla handles the more mundane issues of maintenance and student discipline, while Annasendra Varabelle teaches students the arts of perception and stealth. Each of these three hopes be named heir and to succeed Celedo as Scion.

In addition to the prohibition against guild activity in Absalom, the guild's by-laws prevent accepting contracts against Taldan nobles, children, or the clergy of Abadar, Asmodeus, and Calistria. (These types of individuals may be targeted in various ways, even harmed, but never killed.)

The Guild of Wonders is known for its service known as a "Death Pact". The pact is a retributive strike at one's murderer, paid for in advance by those wealthy enough and who fear they may be targeted.

If triggered, the pact allows its two team members (each pact always has one assassin and one spy) to be temporarily exempted from guild prohibitions until the pact is satisfied, but if the rules are violated the members are expelled from the guild upon completion and can never return to Kortos.

Given her role and house affiliation, Gloriana Morilla may be a current or former member but this remains unconfirmed.


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