Chadric of Laekastel

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Chadric of Laekastel

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 20

Chadric of Laekastel lives in the only stone building in the ramshackle town of Yelligo Wharf on island of Dahak's Tooth. Former captain of the Baleful Glare, he is the apparent leader of the business run in Yelligo Wharf. He represents himself as the only agent the Cult of Dahak will accept. The pirate crews who prey on the ships sailing between Shenchu Bay and the mainland coast give Chadric a big share of the cult's payments. Chak-Chak is a servile tengu that hangs around Chadric's place, quietly pocketing a coin once in a while. Chadric keeps the tengu close by, superstitiously believing him to be the bringer of good luck.1


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