Shenchu Bay

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Shenchu Bay.

Shenchu Bay is an island between Dahak's Fang and the rocky shores of the mainland, in the Shackles. It has been settled by liberated sailors from Tian Xia. The empire of Lung-Wa sent forth many ships to explore Golarion's oceans before its collapse. Some of these expeditions reached the Shackles. The sailors of the Tian fleets were tempted from the free life of the pirates, and many crews mutinied, hung their former officers and turned to piracy. In time some of them established a pirate base on the island and named it Shenchu Bay, which means "freedom" in Tien.1

Most of Shenchu Bay's inland is swampy and well suited for rice paddies, which are tended by slaves and peasants, many from other Tian ethnicities. Shenchu island is almost completely self-sufficient. The slaves who work the paddy fields live in tents and huts and are overseen by the cruel neh cang. The island is ruled by an elected council named Wise Council of Three. The main settlements on the island are Cho-Tzu and Haigui Wan.1


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