Dahak's Tooth

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Dahak's Tooth, one of Dahak's Teeth.

The island of Dahak's Tooth like the East Fang part of the Dahak's Fang island in the Shackles, is tropical rainforest populated by predatory cats, primates, and reptiles. Dozens of watery cenotes are scattered across the island. Its shores boasts many good anchorage spots, the game is good, and fresh water plentiful. The wyverns and sometimes the dragons that fly overhead keep most outsiders away from the Dahak's Tooth, but also untold horrors lurk below.1

The most remarkable feature of Dahak's Tooth is the isolated drow settlement of Heslandaena. The cenotes that dot the island offer aquatic entry to miles of sea caves, which eventually emerge into unflooded, humid caverns. These moldy dark caves and passages lead to Heslandaena. The isolated town is inhabited by drow cut off from the Darklands many years ago by a curse.1

Yelligo Wharf is a small pirate settlement on Dahak's Tooth that was established in 4709 AR and hides itself in Leatherwing Bay. It is home to four pirate crews who prey on the ships sailing close to the mainland coast east of Shenchu Bay.1


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