Yelligo Wharf

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Yelligo Wharf

Small town
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 20

Yelligo Wharf is a small pirate settlement on the island of Dahak's Tooth in the Shackles.1

The settlement was established in 4709 AR and hides itself in Leatherwing Bay. The ramshackle settlement consists of a few squat buildings made of driftwood and dirt clinging to the shore. It is home to four pirate crews that prey on the merchant ships travelling close to the mainland, east of Shenchu Bay. Kamshika Heavyhand captains the armored sloop Baleful Glare, Mean Steebyn captains the barkentine Rough Customer, Noila the Knife captains the brig Harm's Way, and Pendahl of Rahadoum captains the sloop-of-war Baalzebul.1

These four captains capture Inner Sea merchant vessels on their way home from Port Peril, stealing their cargoes and selling their crews to the cultists of Dahak for sacrifice. Chadric of Laekastel, who lives in the only stone building of the town, is the apparent head of the business.1


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