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Chains of Freedom

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Chains of Freedom
Class Galleon
Propulsion Sails, oars
Launched Unknown; before 4687 AR[1]
Status Flagship of Jolis Raffles's fleet among the Shackles Pirates
Captain(s) Formerly Jolis Raffles (ca. 4687 AR-4706 AR); now left to his subordinates[1]
Crew Halflings

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 173

The Chains of Freedom, formerly the Chelish slave galleon Fiend of the Waves, is the flagship of halfling pirate lord and Free Captain Jolis Raffles of the Shackles Pirates. The ship's crew are all halfling former slaves, and it leads a fleet of seven galleys, five sloops, and two frigates.[2]

The ship, liberated by Jolis in a slave revolt, has called Slipcove its home port since around 4687 AR.[3][1]