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Shackles Pirates

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Shackles Pirates
The symbol of the Shackles Pirates: a skull atop crossed shackles on a red and black quartered field
Leader Kerdak Bonefist
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Headquarters Shackles
Goals Plunder
Scope National
Structure Loose organisation of pirate fleets
Members Pirates

Source: Faction Guide, pg(s). 46
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The Shackles Pirates are a loose collection of thieves, smugglers, extortionists, sailors, freedom-fighters, and other n'er-do-wells based in the archipelago of the Shackles off the western coast of Garund, south of the Eye of Abendego. Once a collection of independent pirate lords, they joined together as a single fleet in 4674 AR under the Hurricane King to prey on the shipping channels to the north.[1][2]


More recently, the nation of Nidal has been allowing vessels of the Shackles Pirates to dock in Nisroch; by so doing they have managed to simultaneously annoy both Cheliax and Andoran, which is no mean feat.[3] The Nidalese are buying slaves from the pirates, which they then transport through the Shadow Caverns and sell to denizens of the Darklands.[4]


They have no true headquarters, operating instead out of the numerous coves and settlements of the Shackles. In theory, anyone is welcome to join the organisation—including the crews of captured ships. They value their freedom above all else, and as a result are very loosely organised. Individual crews serve a Free Captain, most Free Captains band together in the service of a pirate lord, and the lords serve on the Pirate Council under the leadership of Kerdak Bonefist, the current Hurricane King.[5]


The Shackles Pirates attack shipping in the region of the Eye of Abendego, relying on local knowledge and superior seamanship to outsail enemy warships—typically those of Cheliax and Rahadoum— but raid as far north as the Arch of Aroden. They used to raid the shipping of Sargava, but no longer do so; instead they receive a hefty tribute from the former colony in return for protecting it from Cheliax.[6]


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Shackles pirates prefer ships that balance size with range and capacity, though a definition any more precise than that is open to fervent debate. The recent arrival of Free Captain Satekai's Tian-made Red Fortune, which exemplifies this balance, has set up a growing demand for similar Tian ships among other Shackles pirates.[11]

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