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Titles General
Race/Species Human (Vudrani)
Gender Male
Homeland Open Bridge, Vudra

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 72

General Chakradev is the founder of the relatively young mahajanapada of Nayapul in Vudra's Open Bridge region. General Chakradev never intended to become a rajah. In 4606 AR, with the death of the god Aroden, the Obari Ocean receded exposing a new land bridge which connected the once-remote islands off Vudra's southern tip, this new region was dubbed "Open Bridge". When scouts began exploring the new land bridge they found it crawling with hordes of aberrations. General Chakradev responded hastily creating defences against this newly emerged horde. General Chakradev also began building more permanent defensive structures, fortifying the suddenly landlocked former port of Dhalanagar and rapidly converting it into a fortress city. General Chakradev was thrust into leadership after being made rajah of Nayapul, the land he had fortified to protect the rest of Vudra from the ravaging, aberrant hordes.[1]


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