Open Bridge

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Open Bridge

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 72f.

Open Bridge is the south-easternmost region of the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra and is the youngest as well, formed when the Obari Ocean receded after the god Aroden's death in 4606 AR. Before this, the region was a remote archipelago of islands but, when the ocean retreated, it exposed a land bridge between the islands creating a new region.1 This new land was initially seen as a golden opportunity for the southern mahajanapadas to expand across the remote islands and the new province was optimistically named "Open Bridge". These dreams were soon shattered when those sent to scout the new lands encountered huge armies of aberrations swarming from cracks and fissures in the earth.2

These newly emerged hordes swarmed northwards towards the rest of Vudra but a hasty defence was quickly thrown up by General Chakradev. Chakradev immediately began fortifying the region to stop the horde's advance. The former fishing town of Dhalanagar was fortified and has since grown into a full-blown fortress city. Dhalanagar now serves as the de facto capital of the new mahajanapada of Nayapul. Nayapul is still building and expanding walls and fortresses across the region in an attempt to fully fortify Open Bridge. The vanara who used to inhabit the islands have flocked to these new fort towns, desperate to reclaim their homelands.2

Beyond Nayapul, the rest of Open Bridge is effectively a very dangerous frontier territory with no safe areas. Rifts that spew forth aberrations are rife across the region with the largest, most prolific being the Boiling Maw. Some islands still remain unconnected to the mainland of Open Bridge and have, therefore, been somewhat spared the ravages of the aberrations. The Kuruban Swamp is a series of ruin-laden, low-lying islands that are not fully connected to the mainland and instead form a vast mangrove swamp. Kuruban Swamp is controlled by bloodthirsty sedacthys3 who have kept the aberrations at bay. Andobar Island lies at the southernmost tip of Open Bridge, completely disconnected from the mainland; its inhabitants are just as hostile as the rampaging aberrations. Led by some unknown but malign force the serpentfolk of Andobar have begun constructing new ziggurats for some unknown but doubtlessly unholy purpose.4


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