Chan Ai-Huao

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Chan Ai-Huao
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Half-elf
Class Fighter 5
Gender Female
Homeland Shenchu Bay, Shackles
Organization Wise Council of Three

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 31

Chan Ai-Huao is a member of the Wise Council of Three who rule the island of Shenchu Bay in the Shackles. She is the daughter of Laleu the Rapier, an elf pirate who won the respect of the inhabitants of Shenchu Bay and married a Tian-Shu woman in the process. Chan is greatly favored by the voteless common sailors but Lo Shei Wen openly opposed her calling Chan a "half-breed shark" or a "half-blooded mongrel". Her ship is the Minkai's Grace.[1][2]


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