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Tork Shaw

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Tork Shaw
Hometown London, UK
Position Freelance Contributor

Tork Shaw lives in London, UK. He is a designer for Goblinworks on Pathfinder Online and frequent contributor to the Pathfinder Adventure Path line.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Bestiary 51"Bestiary" #51 1110October 2011 PF51 (82)
Bestiary 54"Bestiary" #54 1202February 2012 PF54 (82)
Bestiary 57"Bestiary" #57 1206June 2012 PF57 (80)
Scourges of the Shackles"Scourges of the Shackles" 1206June 2012 PF57 (66)
Bestiary 58"Bestiary" #58 1207July 2012 PF58 (80)
Varisia, Birthplace of Legends 1208August 2012 VBoL
Knights of the Inner Sea 1209September 2012 KotIS
Blood of the Night 1212December 2012 BotN
Champions of Purity 1304April 2013 CoP
Halls of Dwarven Lore 1305May 2013 PFS 04-22
Dragons Unleashed 1306June 2013 DU
Kobolds of Golarion 1306June 2013 KoG
Blood of the Moon 1309September 2013 BotM
Inner Sea Gods 1404April 2014 ISG
Undead Slayer's Handbook 1404April 2014 USH
Monster Codex 1410October 2014 MC
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