Chatterer swarm

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Chatterer swarm

(chaotic, evil, swarm)
Source: The Demon Within, pg(s). 26–27

Chatterers are tiny, barely intelligent frog-like outsiders who chatter incessantly to themselves. Though a single chatterer is merely an annoyance, a chatterer swarm hundreds strong becomes a dangerous threat.1


Individual chatterers are about the size of a human thumb. They resemble frogs that are covered in scales and have mangy, bristly hair on their backs. Their constantly talking mouths are larger than a frog's and filled with sharp teeth.1

Habitat and ecology

Chatterer swarms were primarily active in the Worldwound1 before its closure in 4718 AR.2 Most chatterers live in the Outer Rifts, where they are kept as pets or consumed as snacks. As a result they try to escape the Outer Rifts by concealing themselves and sneaking into the Universe. Only there do chatterers gather in numbers sufficient to become a threat; they can overrun a victim, gnaw into its flesh, and control its thoughts.1