Broken Lands

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The ragged lands of the Sarkoris Scar.

The Broken Lands is the name given to the northeastern region of Avistan comprising the nations of Brevoy (itself divided into the distinct areas of Rostland and Issia), Mendev, Numeria, Razmiran, the River Kingdoms, and the Sarkoris Scar. It is a land defined by struggle and scarcity. Its cities lack the prestigious artistic, academic, and cultural institutions found throughout much of the rest of the Inner Sea region. The societies of the Broken Land are often marked by severe inequality that limit social advancement, and its people must often struggle just to survive.1


Much of the region's scarcity is caused by its lack of arable land, be it the demon-tainted, broken tors of the Sarkoris Scar; the cold, irradiated and windswept steppes of Numeria; or the mosquito-infested swamps of the River Kingdoms. The little fertile soil there is can be found in southern Brevoy, along parts of the Sellen River, and in small basins scattered around Razmiran, the River Kingdoms, Mendev, and Numeria. The lack of foodstuffs often supports despotic regimes, such as the one found in Razmiran, where Razmir rules with near-total dictatorial power.1


The most commonly found peoples in the Broken Lands are humans of Kellid or Taldan extraction, in addition to dwarves. The most frequently spoken languages are Chthonian, Draconic, Hallit, Skald, Taldane, and Varisian. Popular deities worshipped include Abadar, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Gorum, Iomedae, and Lamashtu.2


Brevoy stands as a prominent exporter of food within the region. Rostland contributes timber, grain, fruit, vegetables, and livestock, whereas Issia specializes in dried and salted fish, pickled clams, and freshwater pearls. Notably, the peoples of Brevoy import finished goods, cloth, spices, and books. In contrast, Mendev largely relies on imports for its survival necessities. Numeria exports skymetal, illicit technology fragments, hides, teeth of the enigmatic wasteland creatures, and live, captive specimens, while primarily importing food, alcohol, and jewelry. Razmiran, another key food exporter, also deals in cloth, lumber, and fine woodwork, importing alchemical, herbal, and medicinal supplies.3


The political history of the Broken Lands is marked by countless calamities and various strongmen who took advantage of it. These calamities include the opening of the Worldwound, the crashing of an immense starship during the Rain of Stars, and the invasion of dragon-enhanced armies from Iobaria in Brevoy. Each of these events caused untold decades, centuries, or millennia of suffering.1


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