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Poison frog
Flybreath, a frog kept as a pet by goblins.
Type Animal
CR 1/2
Environment Warm marshes, water
Adjective Anuran; Batrachian
Images of frogs

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 135
Giant frog
Giant frog.jpg
Type Animal
CR 1
Environment Temperate and warm marshes, water
Images of giant frogs

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 135

Frogs are small, hopping amphibians with strong legs and long, sticky tongues. Certain kinds produce highly toxic compounds within their skin; these poison frogs are usually distinguishable by their brightly colored skins.[1]

Giant frogs

Giant frogs are enormous relatives of common frogs with razor-sharp teeth. They are sometimes taken as animal companions.[1]

Similar creatures

Ether frogs are eyeless, white-skinned frogs native to the Vaults of Orv, where their natural poison protects them from predators.[2]

Mobogos are magical beasts resembling enormous, monstrous frogs with leathery wings and three eyes.[3]

Veldenars are creatures native to the Plane of Air resembling large, translucent-skinned frogs with six eyes and short tails.[4]

Certain intelligent species, such as grippli[5] and boggards,[6] resemble large, humanoid frogs.

On Golarion

Frogs are popular companions among the goblin witches known as frog-talkers, who derive their name from their association with these animals.[7]

In religion

Frogs are the sacred animals of the demon lord Gogunta, who is often depicted as a gigantic frog with multiple heads, eyes, and tongues.[8]