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Cinderclaw Cult

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Cinderclaw Cult

Restore the power of the manifestation of Dahak trapped in between the portals of Alseta's Ring
Worshippers of Dahak, mostly boggards and charau-ka
Source: Cult of Cinders, pg(s). 4–6, 54

The Cinderclaw Cult is a cult of Dahak worshippers who reside in the Mwangi Jungle, near to the Ekujae settlement of Akrivel.1


The cult is one of many hundreds over the years to have been spawned by the influence of a manifestation of Dahak trapped within the nearby Huntergate portal. The manifestation has been trying to free itself since the day it was imprisoned, even though Dahak himself has moved on. It influenced the boggard Belmazog to grant her draconic features, making her believe that she was the chosen of Dahak himself. With this belief deeply rooted in her mind, she overthrew the demon-worshipping then-chieftain of her tribe and renamed them the Cinderclaws, dedicating them all to Dahak. The Cinderclaw boggards would eventually ally with a tribe of charau-ka, and those two species now make up the bulk of the cult.12

Eventually, the Cinderclaws discovered the fossilized remains of the manifestation's physical body, and took up residence within them. At this time, Belmazog began experiencing prophetic dreams that revealed to her the story of the Ekujae and Dahak, and she became dead-set on freeing him and vanquishing the elves. The cult acquired the red dragon Kyrion, but other than that their early history was mostly comprised of inactivity and failure.2

Finally, the luck of the cult reversed when they secured a deal with the Scarlet Triad. The Triad offered to compensate them greatly, in the form of funding and powerful spellcasters, in exchange for the tainted gold found throughout the region. It was from these spellcasters that Belmazog learned nul-acrumi vazghul, a powerful and rare ritual that could protect her operations from the meddling elves by raising a series of dragon pillars.2

With this newfound power, the cult launched an attack on the temple of Ketephys near Akrivel where Huntergate's exit was. They succeeded in capturing the portal's key, and managed to send a small invasion force led by the charau-ka Malarunk through the portal to Citadel Altaerein on the other side.3


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