Citadel Altaerein

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Symbol of the Order of the Nail, who owned Citadel Altaerein until 4711 AR.
This article covers the former Hellknight citadel. For the Age of Ashes Adventure Path issue, see Hellknight Hill (adventure).

Citadel Altaerein is the abandoned former headquarters of the Hellknight Order of the Nail, located in eastern Isger, high in the northwestern Five Kings Mountains, close to the border with Druma. It overlooks the town of Breachill, whose residents call it Hellknight Hill and largely ignore it.123 Citadel Altaerein was built directly above Alseta's Ring, an ancient ring of elven portals.3


In 4638 AR, the Order of the Nail, impressed with the peace and efficiency of Breachill as well as its defensibility, chose a low-rising hill about ten miles northeast of town to build their headquarters. For decades, many citizens of the town took jobs in Citadel Altaerein, attending to the Hellknights' needs.4

In 4682 AR, Queen Domina of Korvosa moved the Order of the Nail to Varisia, and they relocated from Citadel Altaerein to their new home Citadel Vraid. They kept a small handful of knights at Citadel Altaerein to keep an eye out for goblinoid uprisings to the southwest until 4711 AR, when their mounting missions in Varisia forced them to abandon their old headquarters entirely. All kinds of people and monsters have since moved into Citadel Altaerein, most notably the Bumblebrasher goblin tribe.1356


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