Cities of the First Ones

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The Cities of the First Ones are abandoned spire-cities created millennia ago on the surface of the planet Aballon by a mysterious race known only as the First Ones. At least nine remain scattered across the small planet's surface.1


When the First Ones first landed on Aballon, they constructed nine cities to a uniformly strange design. They are built upwards rather than outwards, with narrow streets and needle-like towers interspersed with domes and arches. Some buildings are transparent, whilst others appear to have no means of entry.1

The Aballonians

The Aballonian faction known as Those Who Wait preserve the cities with a religious fervour. Their rivals, Those Who Become, are sometimes able to sneak into the cities in search of the lost knowledge of the First Ones, but both parties generally agree that for biological creatures to set foot in a city would be sacrilege.1


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