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Con rit

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 67

Con rits are giant centipedes with many fins instead of legs.1


A con rit has a dark brown dorsal surface and pale yellow ventral surface, which serves as camouflage when viewed from both above and below. They swim with unnatural grace through narrow spaces in a manner similar to a dragon, which often confuses sailors into mistakenly believing they either are one or have a lair laden with treasure, neither of which is true.1


Con rits have piercing, venomous mandibles and can also spit their venom with explosive force. They are much slower on land than in water and can see in the dark.1


Con rits form large nests, often in deep underwater caves, in which it repeatedly lays eggs that can number into the thousands, even with periodic culling by eating its own older unhatched eggs.

Upon its death, the con rit emits a powerful scented chemical that triggers their eggs to hatch within a month. The nascent con rits battle each other until one remains to mature into a new con rit. This cycle often spurs legends that con rits can self-resurrect like a phoenix, but the process is entirely biological in nature.

Each con rit is fiercely territorial across generations, and they seek new territory only when forced by nature or the encroachment of civilization. This stubborn nature has significantly limited their spread despite their strength and resilient reproductive nature.1

On Golarion

Con rits inhabit Tian Xia.2


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