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Type Magical beast
Environment Warm desert and hills
Adjective Phoenix-like
Images of phoenixes

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 227

A phoenix[1] is a near-mythical bird of extraordinary size and intelligence that seems to be composed of pure fire. It is best known for its ability to seemingly resurrect itself from its own dead body. Phoenixes are generally benevolent creatures of great wisdom and learning, and are sometimes sought-out by those seeking advice or knowledge.[2]


Although all phoenixes resemble gigantic birds seemingly made of fire, their appearance beyond that can vary a great deal. Many look like raptorial birds such as hawks and eagles, but the phoenixes of Garund's jungles and savannas resemble local tropical birds, while a rare few look like giant owls. Their coloring is also prone to some variety; while most have red to yellow plumage and flames, blue, green, and white phoenixes have also been recorded.[3]

On Golarion

A Phoenix Warrior named after the fabled bird

Phoenixes are known to exist in Golarion's warmer climes. They are rarely spotted in the hills of the Mwangi Expanse,[4] the deserts of Osirion,[5] Katapesh,[6] and Qadira. The faithful of Sarenrae believe that seeing a phoenix is a sign of great favor from the goddess, and therefore treat the creature with great reverence.[7]

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  1. Using Greek, the plural of phoenix in English transliteration would be phoenices; however, in Ancient Greek mythology there was only one Phoenix so a plural of the title was never needed. Paizo consistently adopts phoenixes as the plural in their publications and that is what we have adopted on the PathfinderWiki.
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