Conquest Day

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Every year, on the 26th of Pharast, Elder Architect Oblosk—oldest member of Nex's Council of Three and Nine—ascends to the highest balconies of the Bandeshar in Quantium. In a voice made thunderous by the platform's magic, the wizened pech councilman spends the hours from dusk to just past noon enumerating the atrocities committed by the necromancers of Geb upon the people of Nex, culminating with the disappearance of the archwizard Nex himself. At the conclusion of this record of national wounds, the country's eleven other council members join Oblosk in renewing their yearly vow to neither forget nor forgive the Gebbites' atrocities and to again swear in their lost ruler's name to endlessly wage war against their ancient enemies.

On this day, known as Conquest Day, all the people of Nex are expected to share in their leaders' oaths, to celebrate the shared patriotism of their wondrous nation, and to remember the sacrifices of heroes past. This also makes it a day for many Nexian wizards to reveal deadly new spells, gigantic constructs, and audacious arcane masterworks—which many creators promise to be the doom of their foes. Even throughout the rest of the Inner Sea region, many crusaders, rebels, and zealots observe Conquest Day as a day to renew blood oaths, launch long-planned battles, and finally take revenge. It is a day for words of honor, a day for battle cries, and a day where glory most favors the bold.[1]


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