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Elder Architect;
Castellan of the Bandeshar
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 131 (1E)
Impossible Lands, pg(s). 253 (2E)

Elder Architect Oblosk is an ancient kasesh1 who designed many of the important buildings of Quantium in Nex, including the Bandeshar palace. He is one of the Three, who dominate Nex's ruling Council of Three and Nine, and is the only one who actually knew the archmage Nex personally.2

It is said that he has an unparalleled knowledge of the history and architecture of Quantium—including the location of numerous secret passages. This knowledge makes him an invaluable member of the Council, enabling him to maintain his position despite his reluctance to engage in politics.2


Like most kaseshi, the Elder Architect is a small green earth elemental. No one can read the Vault Builder's word of power written on his head but it is rumoured that it means "Memory".3


Oblosk has not attended government meetings nor, in fact, been seen in public at all for four years. Iranez and Agrellus Kisk continue to act as if he is taking an active role in governing but many worries are starting to arise in the populace about where he is and whether he is even alive.4


  1. In 1E's The Inner Sea World Guide, Oblosk was stated to be a pech, but 2E's Impossible Lands (sourcebook) retroactively makes him a kasesh.
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