Council of Nine

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Council of Nine

Militaristic Government
Rule Kaoling
Regional (Kaoling)
Military council
Generals and warlords
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 28
For another meaning of "Council of Generals", please see Council of Generals.

The Council of Nine, also sometimes known as the Council of Generals, is a council of generals and warlords that rule over the hobgoblin nation of Kaoling. It consists of nine of the most powerful generals and warlords from across the nation. From within this group, the Council of Nine selects one of their number to serve as the figurehead leader of all Kaoling. The role is not entirely ceremonial as this warlord gets to cast the tie-breaking vote on any contentious decisions. The current leader is Warlord Tsung-cha Kavangaki, a veteran of the most recent (and almost successful) war with neighbouring Zi Ha. Tsung-cha Kavangaki has succeeded in building a strong network of allies with the Council of Nine that he used to overthrow the previous warlord and now controls the majority of council votes.1


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