Tsung-cha Kavangaki

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Tsung-cha Kavangaki
Titles Warlord
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Hobgoblin
Class Fighter 4 / Samurai 12
Gender Male
Homeland Dhucharg, Kaoling
Deity General Susumu
Organization Council of Nine

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 27

Tsung-cha Kavangaki is the Warlord of Kaoling, figurehead leader of the ruling Council of Nine who rules the nation.[1]


Kavangaki enjoys the unwavering support of most members of the Council of Nine except Himoko Na-ichi, whom he has tried to stymie. Na-ichi's strength rivals that of Kavangaki, to the point that he cannot just cause her to disappear. Their conflict risks sending the entire nation of Kaoling into chaos.[2][3]

Kavangaki resides in the palace of Dhucharg-jo in the capital city of Dhucharg, attended by slaves that ensure his obscene luxury. The Crimson Sentinels are a personal, largely ceremonial guard consisting of soldiers who demonstrated their courage and ferocity in combat. In recent years, he has also leveraged the Dragon's Teeth, Kaoling's secret police who lie outside of the Council of Nine's control, to silence his personal enemies. However, rumour has it that the Dragon's Teeth's leader Jenji Tukozami is secretly Himoko Na-ichi's ally.[4]

Kavangaki claims to the the greatest supporter of the Palace of the Black Daimyo, Dhucharg's temple to General Susumu.[5]


Kavangaki is a veteran of Kaoling's most recent and nearly successful invasion of Zi Ha.[1] His forces, led by a subordinate, Ping-la Maningki, prepare in Fort Kragang for an eventual continuance of their invasion of Zi Ha.[6] For now though, they content themselves with raiding.[6] Kavangaki built a coalition to oust his predecessor and has ever since controlled the majority of the Council of Nine.[1]


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