Tuunma River

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The Tuunma River forms the border between the Successor State of Lingshen and the northern desert region of Shanguang. It also serves as a border between Lingshen and the war-hungry hobgoblin nation of Kaoling.1 The easternmost reaches of the Tuunma, towards its headwaters, are bordered by stretches of endless sand dunes. It takes the average junk around 12 days to navigate from the river's headwaters to the Kaoling section of the river. On route, it goes through a region known as the Kogendu Basin; this area is treacherous as it is frequently used as an ambush spot by hostile Mutabi-qi raiders but is also a frequent camp spot for the more friendly Jhemulit.23 From the Kaoling border, it normally takes another nine days for a ship to reach the Sea of Eels; this section of the Tuunma River is noticeably rougher and more dangerous to navigate. This danger is only made worse by the tribes of kijimuna that often dwell along its shores.4