Sea of Eels

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The Sea of Eels sits at the centre of the continent of Tian Xia, forming the watery border for Jinin, Kaoling, Lingshen, and Shokuro. The Sea of Eels, for its size, is surprisingly shallow.1


Despite having four bordering countries, the Sea of Eels is arguably of the most economic importance to the Sun Shogunate of Shokuro, which sits to the east of the Sea of Eels, and uses the sea as its main trade route to export its agricultural produce across the continent. This section of coastline is dotted with small fishing villages, which have long been beset by huge eels that live deeper within the Sea of Eels and possess strange magical powers. These aggressive creatures had been kept in check by a group of kami known as the Makaitsu. However, in the last few years, the kami seem to have disappeared, leaving the impoverished fisherfolk at the mercy of the flesh-hungry eels.1


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