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Crown of Twilight

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Crown of Twilight
(Magic item)

Magic item
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The Crown of Twilight was held for centuries in one of Zon-Kuthon's's Star Towers in the Vale of Shadows in the Five Kings Mountains. The Crown was part of a set of equipment for use against minions of Rovagug were any to escape from their prisons; there was, in addition to the Crown, a lance, and a suit of scale armour. These three items were kept in a temple of Shelyn, the sister of Zon-Kuthon, within the Star Tower.12 In appearance, the Crown consists of two interlaced bands of metal: one of white-gold and one of a deep black metal arranged in a wave-like pattern. The two bands are separable.13

The Crown had been coveted by the shadow wizards of Galt and Taldor some decades before but was eventually taken, in 4711 AR, by Elyana Sadrastis in order to cure Baron Stelan of a curse placed on him by the wizard Arcil. Almost immediately, however, the Crown was stolen from Elyana by Vallyn, the bard, for his mistress Nadara, who planned to use the Crown to gain power in the Galtan hierarchy.415 Eventually, the Crown was retaken by Elyana.6


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