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Plague of Shadows

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Plague of Shadows
Plague of Shadows
Author(s) Howard Andrew Jones
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $9.99
ePub/PDF: $6.99
Audiobook: $19.95
Released Print/ePub: February 2011
Audiobook: October 2015
Type Novel
Binding Mass market paperback, eBook, unabridged digital audio
Pages 373 pages
Narrator Dina Pearlman
Runtime 9 h 57 m
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-291-3
ISBN 978-1-60125-333-0 (ebook)
Series Pathfinder Tales
Follows Winter Witch
Precedes The Worldwound Gambit
Artwork from Plague of Shadows

Plague of Shadows, a Pathfinder Tales novel by Howard Andrew Jones, was released in February 2011. An audiobook version narrated by Dina Pearlman was released in October 2015.

A Desperate QuestThe race is on to free Lord Stelan from the grip of a wasting curse, and only Elyana, his old elven adventuring companion and former lover, has the wisdom and reflexes to save him. When the villain turns out to be another of their former companions, Elyana and a band of ragtag adventurers must set out on a perilous race across the revolution-wracked nation of Galt and the treacherous Five Kings Mountains, bound for the mysterious Vale of Shadows. But even if they can succeed in locating the key to Stelan's salvation in a lost valley of weird magic and nightmare beasts, the danger isn't over. For Elyana's companions may not all be what they seem.

From sword and sorcery icon Howard Andrew Jones comes a fantastic new adventure set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Plague of Shadows features the following characters:


  • Map (8)
  • Chapter 1 Old Friends (9)
  • Chapter 2 Unfinished Business (29)
  • Chapter 3 Shadow Ride (41)
  • Chapter 4 Distractions in the Dark (53)
  • Interlude Conference of Equals (59)
  • Chapter 5 Last Wishes (65)
  • Interlude Death in the Night (77)
  • Chapter 6 Equal Shares (87)
  • Chapter 7 Detours (101)
  • Chapter 8 Temples and Temptation (113)
  • Interlude Together in Darkness (129)
  • Chapter 9 Galtan Entertainments (135)
  • Chapter 10 In Among the Kings (153)
  • Chapter 11 The Mountain and the Vale (165)
  • Interlude Ring of Shadows (187)
  • Chapter 12 Social Engagements (197)
  • Chapter 13 Into the Vale (211)
  • Chapter 14 The Tower (221)
  • Chapter 15 Abandonment (243)
  • Chapter 16 A Familiar Face (255)
  • Chapter 17 Among the Dead (271)
  • Interlude The Last Gathering (283)
  • Chapter 18 From Shadow to Nightmare (295)
  • Chapter 19 Renewed Acquaintances (317)
  • Chapter 20 Citizen Assembly (329)
  • Chapter 21 The Crown of Twilight (341)
  • Chapter 22 Final Words (353)
  • About the Author (365)
  • Acknowledgements (367)
  • Glossary (369)


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