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Source: Monsters of Myth, pg(s). 16

Cuetzmonquali is a beast that holds the Spear of the Destroyer's Flame, an artifact that controls the Army of Fire, within its gut.[1] A creation of Ah Pook, it has been defeated multiple times across history, but always returned to plague Arcadia again.[2]


Cuetzmonquali looks like a giant frilled lizard, with two stinger tails and flaming scales. It can grow any number of obsidian horns, which first appear as a burst of flame before solidifying. These horns sometimes fall off, warning others of Cuetzmonquali's presence. In battle, it impales enemies on its horns, blasts flames at others, and its tail injects a venom that weakens foes by burning them from within. Despite being called the Burning Dragon, Cuetzmonquali has no relation to actual dragons.[3]


It is said that when Ah Pook burnt away Imictal and his army and turned them into the Army of Fire, he also took the ashes of Imictal's forces and created Cuetzmonquali, a terrible beast that would serve as his steed. When the Army of Fire was defeated by Aroden and Arazni, Imictal demanded Cuetzmonquali to eat him to deny his foes their victory. By the time Arazni cut down Cuetzmonquali, Imictal had already burnt away in its stomach.[2]

However, Cuetzmonquali was not yet dead, but remained as an ember in the Jolizpan Forest. Eventually, it grew into a roaring flame and escaped in the ensuing forest fire. When the warrior Taumáporo tracked down and defeated Cuetzmonquali, he found Imictal's spear in its belly, claimed it, and unleashed the Army of Fire on Arcadia again.[2] Every time the Army of Fire was defeated, Cuetzmonquali re-emerged centuries later, allowing another individual to claim the Spear of the Destroyer's Flame and command the Army of Fire.[4]


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