Serving Your Hunger

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Urgathoa's unholy symbol

Serving Your Hunger is one of the unholy and profane texts of the goddess Urgathoa, goddess of undeath and disease.[1] It was written by her first knight-commander and antipaladin, Dason[2][3][4][5] who was rewarded for its completion with the Defiled Disks of Urgathoa.[6] It contains the goddess' basic tenets of faith, several recipes for extravagant meals (a few copies are rumored to include instructions on how to cook humanoids), and the most well-known ways of becoming undead (dealing primarily with ghouls, wights, and vampires).[5]

The text contains riddles intended to jar the mind, shaking it loose from conventional thought such as morality and moderation. It also serves as a primer to prepare one's mind for a more conciliatory approach to the undead.[7]

Urgathoa has several other unholy texts.[1]


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