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Aura (1E)
Abjuration and divination (strong)
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Slot (1E)
Source: The Demon Within, pg(s). 29

The artifact known as the Demonscope was the most prized possession of the crusaders of Mendev, as its amazing powers helped keep the demons of the nearby Worldwound at bay.1


Saint Clydwell is credited with creating the artifact called the Demonscope during the Mendevian Crusades. He and his band of followers arrived at the town of Gravehearst in what was then the Kellid nation of Sarkoris. The town and surrounding region were on the verge of falling to the hordes of demons swarming out of the Worldwound.1

The local shamans had created a scrying device in the form of an onyx orb with which they hoped to defend their land, but they lacked the ability to awaken its power. Saint Clydwell accepted custody of the artifact, and later died in battle with a powerful demon in its defense. His death created a magical effect which temporarily banished the demons from Gravehearst. His three disciples took the artifact to Clydwell Keep and formed the Order of Holy Sentinels to protect it.1


The Demonscope has three main functions:1

  • It automatically senses the location of any demons within five miles, regardless of their demonic ability to resist spells.
  • It is used to power the minor artifacts known as wardstones.
  • It generates a dimensional lock effect with a 250-mile radius; this does not prevent demons entering the Worldwound from the Outer Rifts, but stops them from teleporting into Mendev from the Worldwound.


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