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(Magic item)
Aura Strong abjuration
Caster Level 20
Type Minor artifact
Slot None
Origin Mendev

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 301

A wardstone is a minor artifact in the form of a menhir inscribed with runes, and is designed to ward out demons of the Worldwound.[1] Its power must be maintained by regular prayers and annual rituals.[2] The wardstones are infused with the rare mineral nexovar, found in the hills along the Egelsee River in Mendev, which helps to combat the demonic taint.[3]


The first wardstone was erected in 4639 AR in the Kite in Kenabres. This required a ritual which occurred under the guidance of Iomedae's herald.[4][1]

A string of fortresses were established on the border between Mendev and the Worldwound after the Second Mendevian Crusade. Each fortress is named after a dead crusader general, and contains a wardstone. The greatest of these fortresses is Clydwell Keep, which houses the Demonscope, the artifact which powers the wardstones. It is guarded by the Order of Holy Sentinels.[5]


Creatures of intrinsically chaotic or evil nature cannot pass between wardstones; thus they serve to ensure the demons of the Worldwound cannot venture into Mendev.[6] However, these obelisks must be continuously maintained by priests and protected from demonic attack.[1][7]

The wardstones also prevent any form of teleportation magic from functioning across the borders, whether from a demonic source or otherwise, but do not hinder such magic from functioning normally inside the Worldwound.[1][8] Their effects are powerful enough to weaken demonic excursions to the unwarded western and northern borders.[1]


Should a wardstones go more than a year without a maintenance ritual, it can be damaged as any other object, though it remains a dense and difficult to break stone. Destroying a wardstone breaks its link in the chain of wardstones, though the gap in its effect can vary between a few dozen feet to several miles in length.[1]