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Dream crystal

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Dream crystals store and can relay memories in the form of dreams. The Lirgeni crew of the Lirgen's Glory used them to record their discoveries during their journey through space.[1]

The Lirgen Glory's dream crystals were corrupted by a vespergaunt called the Emissary from Beyond, which warped its crew into id mutants.[1] After the ship crashed into Isger, cultists of the Dominion of the Black gathered many of the crystals and began dosing the water supply of Dustpawn with them, driving its inhabitants slowly insane and eventually afflicting them with the same mutations that affected the crew.[2] The vespergaunt's corruption also animated many of the stored dreams, creating animate dreams.[3]

Dream Crystal Toxin

Dream crystal toxin
(Alchemical item)
Type Poison

Source: Doom Comes to Dustpawn, pg(s). 4

By grinding the corrupted dream crystals and alchemically refining them, the cultists created a potent toxin. In small doses, it causes headaches, unsettling dreams, and short tempers. In larger doses, it triggers an id mutation in the cursed victims, transforming them into mad, bestial humanoids. In extremely concentrated doses, it transforms them into giant, enraged monsters.[4]

The toxin gives off a necromantic aura when detect magic is cast on something it pollutes.[2] The toxin can be ingested or applied to a weapon.[4]