Animate dream

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Animate dream

When a powerful mortal dreamer wakes from a particularly vivid dream, part of their consciousness sometimes escapes from its dreamscape and lingers on the Ethereal Plane as an animate dream.1 Independent creatures in their own right, these animate dreams come to Golarion to feed on the strong emotions of mortals. If the mortals are asleep and dreaming while they are experiencing these emotions, the animate dream's nourishment increases.2


As animate dreams are the product of their dreamer's sleeping mind, their appearances vary wildly. Some animate dreams are known to appear as:

  • A brightly colored creature resembling an amalgamation of goat and horse standing upright, with a long forked tongue, a rat-like tail, and unnaturally colored fur.2
  • A purple-skinned humanoid whose lipless, fang-filled grin stretches from ear to ear beneath its blazing red eyes, with long black hair that floats as if it were underwater and writhing tentacles in place of fingers.3
  • A gaunt man in gray robes with long black hair and a beard, unusual only in that the edges of his robes fray into smoke upon close inspection.4


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