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Small town
1,011 humans, 109 dwarves, 52 halflings, 28 gnomes, 21 aiuvarins, 20 half-orcs, 9 elves
Alyssia Turpin, priestess; Elladas Demos, smuggler
Source: Doom Comes to Dustpawn, pg(s). 31

Dustpawn is a small town in eastern Isger, about seven miles from the Conerica River and close to the border with Druma, and was founded in 4324 AR.1


Once a prosperous mining community, the iron lodes near Dustpawn played out early in Cheliax's rule over Isger. The town's inhabitants subsequently transitioned to the raising of goats, which remains their main source of revenue.2

Many residents are wary of magic and religion due to the charlatan Pristis Derlancy, who posed as a priest of Abadar to extort the town's residents early in its history.1


Dustpawn sits close to the foothills of the Five Kings Mountains, which lie off to the east. The town is close to the border with Druma and near the source of the Conerica River. Lightly wooded hills rise to the west. The Grackle River to the west of town, and the Skunk River to the east, flow generally northwards to meet the Conerica River. The smaller Dustpawn Creek runs north-westerly out of the town to meet the Grackle.34

The plentiful tunnels from the old iron mines now provide shelter for bootleggers, smugglers, and other outlaws, and occasionally goblin tribes and larger creatures.2


Dustpawn's economy relies almost entirely on the domestication of goats, and supplies their meat, hides, butter, cheese, and even dung to nearby settlements in Isger and Druma.2 Many of Dustpawn's goat farmers are Goaters—members of a cooperative business arrangement that handles the town's goat herding and selling. Their co-op operates from the Goatyards along Dustpawn's northern border, and many nearby residents complain about its stench.1

The town also serves as a smuggling nexus between Isger and Druma, led by smuggler and rabble-rouser Elladas Demos and fronted by her successful goat-hide leather shop, Demos Leather Goods. Bandits use nearby abandoned mines to store their illicit goods.1


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Dustpawn's notable inhabitants include:

  • Elladas Demos, Dustpawn's most notorious inhabitant, who is also known to harbor interesting theories regarding the paternity of Cheliax's ruler, Queen Abrogail II.2
  • Mayor Enmet Kurigoss, whose complicit role in the town's black-market economy is known to only a few of the town's residents.1
  • Dalviss Crenn, who runs the Mineshaft, Dustpawn's oldest permanent building and its most prominent inn and tavern.1
  • Alyssia Turpin, a priestess of Sarenrae from Elidir who has operated the town's Church of the Dawnflower since 4684 AR and is well-respected by the town's residents, including many of its more superstitious folk.1


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