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Land of Fortune
Astrologically inspired
Lirgeni (s.)/ Lirgeni (pl.)
Lirgeni, Lergeni
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 247

The lost kingdom of Lirgen (pronounced LIHR-gehn)1 lay in what is today known as the northern part of the Sodden Lands.2


Lirgen was known as the nation of fortune. Its rulers, the Saoc Brethren, were a group of astrological philosophers who engaged in auguries before making any significant decisions.3

Unfortunately for them, they were no more able than anyone else to predict the death of Aroden and the failure of all prophecies that began the Age of Lost Omens. Used to relying on the stars for guidance, they were completely unprepared for the emergence of the Eye of Abendego in 4606 AR. The hurricane destroyed both Lirgen and its southern neighbour Yamasa, creating the storm-wracked region now known as the Sodden Lands. Under the influence of Meyi Pahano,4 the ruling astrologers evacuated the surviving citizens from the area before the entire cabal committed suicide in 4615 AR.5

The surviving people of Lirgen are now scattered across the Inner Sea region.3 The crumbling city of Jaha in the Mwangi Expanse had a prominent place in Lirgeni prophecy, so a group of refugees re-located there, subduing the lizardfolk inhabitants and working to reclaim the city from the jungle. 6

Some of the descendants of the Saoc Brethren occasionally return to Lirgen in the hope of finding information which will help them to dissipate the Eye, so far apparently without success.7


Lirgen's capital was the city of Hyrantam, located on the Frogmarch River. The tops of the city's observatories remain above the water, and some of the Lirgeni still live here.8

Oagon, on the Black Flow, was another major city. It is now completely covered by water. The city was once the headquarters of the wealthy Hundred Halberd Consortium. The Consortium is no more, but rumours of the wealth contained in its magical vaults continue to attract treasure hunters to the city.8


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