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Lirgen's Glory

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Lirgen's Glory
The Lirgen's Glory at its crash site in Isger.

250 feet
75 feet
Crashed into Isger
About 25 elves, including its navigator Sonarisa and at least two warrior-scholars
Source: Doom Comes to Dustpawn, pg(s). 3–4, 19–24

The Lirgen's Glory was a spaceship envisioned by elven astronomer Gelviel Zorriah and launched from Oagon, Lirgen, in 4600 AR. It returned 112 years later to crash south of the Nesher Mines near the Isgeri town of Dustpawn,12 unleashing the Emissary from Beyond on the world.1


Gelviel based the Lirgen's Glory on a vision he received via a magical orrery. Believing the message to be from Desna, he recruited other elves into an expedition to take advantage of their long lifespans for the distant journey.

The ship left Golarion on Midsummer's Day in 4600 AR, stocked with dream crystals to record the mission and other supplies. After the Eye of Abendego destroyed Lirgen in 4606 AR, the ship lost contact with the Saoc Brethren; Gelviel continued the mission onward for decades nonetheless, saving their experiences and discoveries in their supply of dream crystals.

In 4656 AR, the Lirgen's Glory encountered the Dominion of the Black's Emissary from Beyond, which overtook the ship, mutated and suspended its crew, and subverted its mission in order to return to Golarion and prepare it for invasion.1


The Lirgen's Glory was 200 feet long and 75 feet wide, with 12-foot ceilings in its oak-doored rooms. The ship's 18-inch-thick solid stone hull was incredibly strong, and crystalline cells that stored magical energy also served as one-way observational windows on its exterior and lighting on its interior.3

Magical items, including an array of bottles of air, comprised the Lirgen's Glory's life-support systems. Spellcasting crew members provided food and water. Its magical engine was powered by the amplified telekinetic powers of a bound vrock and was nearly silent.4


Lirgen itself had been destroyed in the years while the Lirgen's Glory was in space. Due to its remote crash site only a small, if vocal, number of the remaining Lirgeni people know that the ship had returned as of 4721 AR.2


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