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Type Magical beast
CR 4
Environment Temperate forests

Source: Sins of the Saviors, pg(s). 81

Beautiful multi-hued birds of prey, the ercinee are every bit as deadly as the giant eagles they resemble. Though they hunt primarily smaller prey such as rabbits, small deer, and dogs, they are not averse to the hunting of humanoid prey. They posses a fearsome shriek that can confuse and disorient their prey.[1]


The ercinee appears like a giant bird of prey. Where it differs from the other giant birds of prey is in its ability to shed faint green light. This ability only becomes apparent at night and has lead to a number of superstitions surrounding the ercincee. This green light is also noticeable in the eyes of the ercinee, which glow the same shade of green. The ercinee's wingspan is normally around 14 feet and it stands about six feet tall.[1]


Ercinee feature as good luck omens in several societies. It is believed that seeing one at the beginning of a journey is a sign of good luck. Conversely, seeing one on the return leg of a journey is considered an ill omen. Following the luminescent trail of an ercinee is also said to be bad luck, usually bringing death to the foolish person who attempts it. There are many tales of people attempting to follow an ercinee's trail back to safety only to fall into a dark cavern or off a cliff.[1]