Ernetza Farrunner

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Ernetza Farrunner

Silent Silhouette
Source: Inner Sea Taverns, pg(s). 48

Ernetza Farrunner is a waitress in the Wicked Fork tavern in Corentyn, and a member of the Bellflower Network under the vigilante secret identity Silent Silhouette.1


Ernetza usually wears earthy, loose clothing that is easy to mend, put on, and take off. As the Silent Silhouette, she wears a wide-brimmed black hat, blue cloth mask, and a black cloak emblazoned with a bellflower.1


In her public identity, Ernetza is a waitress with a reputation for efficiency and speed, and many locals employ her to deliver them their meals at their homes. Most are unaware that she also watches for halflings that need help when doing so. Ernetza's employer Neld Havasavu, who inherited the tavern from his mother and Ernetza's benefactor Isavith, presents himself as a coward to keep suspicion away from her and his tavern.12

Ernetza's most loyal customer is Cataldo Garazzi, a runner in the Labor Market. She delivers his lunch several times a week, taking the opportunity to contact other Bellflower tillers who happen to be finding work in the Labor Market as they travel between barns. Runaways that need to be evacuated are invited to perform at the Wicked Fork (if they have some talent) or to visit Ernetza's garden, before the Silent Silhouette escorts them to safety via secret routes.1

Ernetza's co-worker, the comedian Sarosia Saffron, flirts with her. Ernetza is receptive but shy about committing to a romance.3

The Silent Silhouette also serves as the liaison between the Bellflower Network and their unlikely ally Danaxia Corravelli, a Norgorberite smuggler unaware of her true identity.4


Born into slavery in Egorian, Ernetza escaped from a young age with the help of the Bellflower Network. Arriving in Corentyn, she sought out a legendary abolitionist who allegedly made her home in the Wicked Fork, and she was not disappointed: Isavith Havasavu ensured that no slaver could track her down. When she was sure of her freedom, she chose to stay in the Wicked Fork to help other slaves.1


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