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Type Fey
CR 8
Environment Any (First World)
Images of escorites

Source: The First World, Realm of the Fey, pg(s). 61

An escorite is a giant moth-like fey creature native to the First World that occasionally metamorphosizes from a remacera.[1]


An escorite has the body of a moth, but the skull of a deer instead of a head and tentacles in place of legs. It sheds sparkling dust of its own decay from its spotted insectoid wings, a trait it uses to expose invisible foes.[1]

An average escorite's wingspan is 15 feet, and its weight is 800 pounds.[1]


Escorites exude an aura that reminds nearby creatures of their inevitable entropy and nonexistence. Its cold, eyeless stare can shake the very matter of a creature it gazes at into dust.[1]


If a remacera pupates, it spins a cocoon of dark silk and emerges a week later as an escorite. Its embodiment of entropy is in opposition to the remacera's embodiment of rebirth.[1]


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