Eternal Hive

This article contains spoilers for the following products: City of Locusts, The Rasping Rebirth
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Eternal Hive
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Worm that walks
Class Wizard (Conjurer) 15
Homeland Rasping Rifts, Abyss
Deity Deskari

Source: The Rasping Rebirth, pg(s). 11

The Eternal Hive is a worm that walks housed inside the body of a large demon beetle, created by the demon lord Deskari as a transport for his retrievers and an incubator for his creations.[1]


The Eternal Hive is a superorganism consisting of a massive demon beetle, which houses a swarm of intelligent insects which serves as its 'brain'. Several retrievers that were created from the shells shed from the demon beetle, called hive retrievers, stand close to serve the Eternal Hive. Thousands of grubs inhabit the demon beetle, which can survive the deaths of the other components and are then able to reform the Eternal Hive.[2][3]


The Eternal Hive was one of Deskari's earliest creations. After its creator's defeat, it has roamed the Rasping Rifts, battling other servants of Deskari over control of the abandoned Abyssal realm until the arrival of Koth'Vaul, who killed many of its rivals and secured its temporary service.[1][2]