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A chapel beetle fitted with a saddle.
This article covers the family of common insects. For the character from "The Weeping Blade", see Beetle (person).

Beetles are insects with hardened front wings that distinguish them from other vermin.[1] They can vary wildly in size and form, from tiny bugs to towering giants.[2]

On Golarion

Perhaps the most famous beetle is Ulunat, a Spawn of Rovagug resembling a titanic scarab beetle whose carapace still stands in Sothis, capital of Osirion.[3]

There are many more common species of beetles known on Golarion, including:

In religion

Beetles are the sacred animals of Droskar,[7] Arazni,[8] Uruskreil,[9] Tamede,[10] and Khepri.[11]

Scarab beetles are also sacred totem animals of Shoanti tribes.[12]


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