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From PathfinderWiki
Type Construct
CR 11
Environment Any (Abyss)

Source: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, pg(s). 234

Retrievers are the most famous of the constructs fashioned by the demon lord Haagenti from Abyssal quintessence.[1][2][3]


A retriever resembles a spider the size of an elephant, and its leg-span is nearly 30 feet. It weighs 6,500 pounds. Its eyes shimmer with magical energy and are capable of unleashing potent eye beams.[1]


Retrievers serve to seek out servants who abandon their loyalties or flee from servitude from their demon lord master. Often, a retriever's presence is sufficient to ensure the loyalty of lesser demons. Retrievers are just smart enough to excellently track down specific objects and return them to their masters, but not to think of freedom and rebellion. Although a retriever is not an outsider, it may nonetheless be conjured as if it were one.[1]


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