Failed prophet

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Failed prophet
Type Construct
CR +2
Environment Any underground or urban

Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 60

Failed prophets are the undead-like remnants of Kalistocrats who failed to create their own personal afterlife.[1]


A failed prophet is a skinless creature covered in fine golden veins, with stony eyes, and wicked claws capable of stealing wealth from enemies.[1]


When a Kalistocrat attempts the occult ritual that creates the mindscape that would serve as their eternal personal afterlife, the chance of success depends on their devotion in life and the amount of wealth they sacrificed to anchor their will. If they fail, this mindscape will collapse after a few weeks. Most of the time, their souls become untethered and travel to the Boneyard, but a few are too stubborn to move on and instead animate their old corpses,becoming failed prophets. Some later accept their failure and join the River of Souls, while others attempt to accumulate far more wealth so they might perform the ritual again. These failed prophets often break out of their mausoleums to steal others' treasure (which they can instinctively smell), or worse, dismantle the corpses of dead Kalistocrats, rendering their afterlives vulnerable to predators or weather in the Astral Plane.[1]


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