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From PathfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(extraplanar, incorporeal)
CR 9
Environment Any (Dimension of Dreams)

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 28

Feargaunts are nightmares that live on in the Dimension of Dreams, after the sleeper that gave rise to them had already awakened.[1]


A feargaunt resembles a hulking shadow whose form is not fixed from moment to moment.[1]


Feargaunts sustain themselves on planar flotsam and find purpose from the greatest fears of their creators to live on after they already awakened. They search for prey in the Dimension of Dreams to ambush, turning all dreams darker and more frightening, and transforming mundane nightmares into terror that can kill or gnaw away at their victims' sanity. Familiar with the Dimension of Dreams, feargaunts often allow their enemies to escape, only to strike again from another direction, ensuring that they can never leave the feargaunt behind no matter how they flee.[1]