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Dimension of Dreams

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Dimension of Dreams
Shardra Geltl, Sajan Gadadvara, and Rivani sail on a strange ship in a dream voyage through the Dimension of Dreams.
Sphere Demiplane
Alignment None
Denizens Animate dreams, mortal dreamers, night hags
Description Realm created by the dreams of mortals

The demiplane known as the Dimension of Dreams is a realm hidden deep within the Ethereal Plane, created and maintained directly by the dreams of mortal sleepers on the Material Plane.[1][2]


The borders of the demiplane are marked by a foam of constantly changing dreamscapes, each the dream of an individual sleeping mortal. These can be viewed from the Ethereal Plane and even entered by those with the appropriate magic.[1]

When one enters the dimension proper, it first appears as a prosaic dreamscape of the visitor's native culture. However, those who travel deeper into the realm discover that it molds itself to dreamers' wishes, slowly becoming whatever they would imagine.[1]

The Dreamlands

The Dreamlands is a stable region within the Dimension of Dreams with its own traits and attributes. It can be reached via an obscure occult ritual known as the Dreamlands excursion.[3]


Some blasphemous texts say that Leng is part of the Dimension of Dreams, while others suggest it is only accessible through the dimension. Little is known about this place, even by the most learned of sages, so few answers about Leng's true nature are forthcoming.[4]

Harrowed Realm

Sonnorae Imlios sheared off a section of the Dimension of Dreams to create her own demiplane known as the Harrowed Realm.[5]


Aside from mortal dreamers, and those who've abandoned mortality, the Dimension of Dreams is also haunted by night hags, the most powerful of which stride through the land of dreams like demigods. These are countered only by the azata sorceress Fiorindria the Longing.[1]


Travel to the Dimension of Dreams is different than many other planes. Magic associated with the dimension is unreliable, aiding access instead of guaranteeing it. However, certain dreamers have learned how to lucidly dream, consistently gaining access to the demiplane in their sleep or even abandoning their waking life for it. Artifacts like the Key of Celephais, Mnemoka's Flask, and the Golden Liao Censer also assist access.[1]